I’m relatively new to Dabble and looking for a little help. I don’t know if this is a feature that I cannot find, or if it isn’t an option at all, but I’m trying to “share” worldbuilding and character cards between my manuscripts.

I’m currently working on the manuscript for a novel which is to be the first in a series of six. I set up a separate manuscript to handle the series plotlines, worldbuilding, etc. Some of what is in this planning manuscript is relevant to the actual first novel and I want to be able to share between the two without copy/pasting each individual card, the biggest issue with that being that changes to the same character info within one document won’t be transferred to the other unless I remember to manually do so, which could cause continuity errors. So far I’ve just been careful to track changes, but it occurred to me that I should ask, just in case.

Is there a way to link plot grids, character cards, etc, from one story to another within Dabble? If not, are other authors interested in such a feature?




It seems like it would make sense to keep all six novels in the same “project” within Dabble. That way all your notes and plot grids would be shared between all the separate manuscripts.


Hi there, I agree with @Patrick_McCafferty: Within a project you can have several books and that’s what people who write series with Dabble usually use. You can have plot grids for each book, but also unassigned/unlinked grids where you could keep general character and or world information or editing notes etc. independent of specific scenes.

Happy noveling!

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I will agree with @Chris and @Patrick_McCafferty and as a Series writer myself this is how I decided to handle it a well. I have a Series project, individual manuscripts, and individual plot lines, empty plot grid for the overall arcs and all my notes are in the same project.

And when I want to export a book I can do so at the book level (chapter or even scene level) so it’s not a problem when you need the file out in completion.

I also keep my short stories in the same world in the same project. There is absolutely no problem with lag on length. With a caveat being that there is no lag as long a you don’t write everything in one scene. I keep my scenes at 1000 words and there is a current lag issue when you have REALLY large scenes. @Jacob is working on it. (I currently have 6 books in the same project)


Well, I feel a complete fool!

As soon as I read this, it registered. I’ve seen the options to open up new plots, it would of course make sense that you could do multiple in one document. I just didn’t put two and two together. Thank you guys for taking a minute to explain that to me,