Hello, my name is Nancy and I am very interested in dabble writer but I got rid of my laptop and am about to purchase an iPad with a keyboard and wondered if I can use dabble writer via web since I cannot download the app or could I! Or may I use the program from my phone? I hope that made sense! :crazy_face:


Hi Nancy! Welcome to Dabble :slight_smile:

I believe Dabble does work with iPad over Chrome/other web browsers, however I don’t have one myself so perhaps one of our iPad users or @Jacob could confirm.

Jacob is currently working hard on Dabble for Mobile, but we don’t have a concrete date yet.

I hope this helps a bit and that someone else can fill in the blanks for me :slight_smile:


Tori, Thanks so much for your reply! It is very much appreciated!

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Jacob is working on full and proper support for mobile devices. Meanwhile I thought to test this out on my own iPad with a Logitech magnetically attached keyboard. Sure enough it works but sometimes I don’t press properly and a second press is needed to activate a control. The on-screen copy and paste operations work pretty well also. Drag and drop in the Plot grid works when you realize you have to do a long press to simulate the left-click-hold-drag operation.

If I were to use an iPad for writing I would use a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard. I do have a ZAGG keyboard but it’s got those little mushy keys. I can’t imagine typing on a glass screen but I am probably being a Luddite because I now people who are perfectly at home typing right on the screen and using their fingers to manipulate text.

As I said I’m a Luddite and would want to hook up a mouse to the iPad. It can be done see here though it does not behave like a regular computer mouse. It behaves like a finger so you have to use the same touch gestures with the mouse as you do with your finger to do edits.

Perhaps we have other Dabblers who would share their working iPad setups.

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Sorry I’ve been slow to respond. Working hard on Mobile. Dabble does work on iPad as noted, but it isn’t optimized for the smaller screens. It’s coming! I’m so excited to deliver it to you.

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