Suggested Improvements

I used the trial in December and subscribed to the full version a couple of weeks ago, I think. I think the software could do with the following improvements:

  1. Incorporating a timeline for epic projects. I think authors would really like that feature. Could be integrated into Plot Grid.
  2. Option to align text. People write a different variety of genres. Gamelit and LitRPG use stats. Option to center aligning said stats helps.
  3. Option to use comments and editing level features.
  4. Easy export into multiple ebook formats, especially mobi, pdf, and epub.
  5. Option to have multiple projects open in the same window. Some people love to work with multiple projects simultaneously. I do a lot of ghostwriting and even otherwise I like to write different projects at a time. Extra tabs/windows only slow the pc down. Maybe limit the no of projects at a time, but having 2-3 tabs open helps.
  6. Option to have an easily accessible spelling and grammar checker helps.
  7. Mobile apps, please? I would love to write on the go.
  8. Easily export files into Google Drive or Dropbox, if possible?
  9. Format to paperback option?
  10. Importing from Word files or Google Docs?

Hey there!
Some of these are really good ideas (and have been suggested before actually)
Over here at: is where we’ve been putting suggestions so they’re all in once place and people can comment and upvote on them and Jacob can see what the most popular ones are (and also give us some indication of what he’s planning on working on).

For example, you’ll be thrilled to know that this year’s “big” project is actually getting mobile working as far as we’ve heard!


@AerisLei is correct. This year I plan on getting a mobile solution working. Definitely something in the mobile browser. Possibly a native mobile app, but I’m unsure at the value of a native app.

Spelling/Grammar is coming out shortly!

Thank you for those great suggestions @Varun_Prabhu! Be sure to post any other ideas you have, also be sure to vote at so I can gauge interest from everyone.


I think a native app would provide extra value to the product. Those who write on the go would definitely prefer an app to something that would open in a browser. But that’s my opinion. :slight_smile:

Also, since there’s a desktop option for Windows and Mac, there should be one for Linux too? Considering, Ubuntu and other Linux variations are extensively used.