Suggestions on organizing project needed

My project is a mix of 8-9 novellas, 10+ short stories, and handful of chapter-ish length interludes. I really don’t want to separate them into separate projects but haven’t found a way to separate them that doesn’t quickly make the plot grids overwhelming.

Currently, it seems the best way is to separate them into almost 20 “books” but curious if anyone might have suggestions on a better way to organize the mess I’ve made for myself.

Possible feature idea: Make “Parts” show up as line breaks in the plot grids?

I use books as separaters like that. I have short stories and drabbles and such in a book, and snippets in their own book. They make their own plot grids but if I don’t need the plot grids I delete them. If you need separate plot grids I’d make each project it’s own book.

At present that’s all the organization we have. There are some suggestions to add in some. You can definitely at the parts to the feature list. We just added in chapters.

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Adding chapters showing up on the plot grid was a wonderfully helpful addition.

And yeah, giving them each their own book definitely seems the best way forward but we got some creatively minded people here, figure there’s a chance someone might have something useful they do with oversized plot grids

…Prolly how I should have phrased the question now that I’m thinking about it. :thinking:

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So, I just found out you can drag entire books and their plot grids down into the Story Notes section where you can still edit them just fine but they don’t show up when you click manuscript view etc.

I’d still love if the “Parts” of a book were visualized on the plot grid as a line break or something but this has made my mess of a project way easier to get back under control.

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