Sync is always breaking for me. It’s a constant problem

I’m in the mobile version trying to continue my story and the new chapter and the 309 words I wrote aren’t showing up.

This needs to work. Every time. Without fail. If this doesn’t work, nothing else matters.


I’m serious. Why do I have these problems? I stopped using the Mac “app” because syncing was busted. Now I’m on mobile and syncing is still busted for me. This isn’t acceptable. You can’t charge money for a feature this broken. It has to sync always or the program isn’t useful.

I had this as my word count before work, and NONE are synced.

And why do I have a weird blank document in my mobile list?

And fixed. Although I’ve had sync from Mac issues before, that was before the must better sync system. This was coincidentally a sync issue with a totally different cause.

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And I also have a much better idea of the complexity of what’s happening behind the scenes with Dabble.

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I too have been having problems with sync. It’s very discouraging.


I wonder if it’s the same issue. It was (if I understand it correctly), that since a certain component of the data was on the server, the server assumed it was also in the local file. Mine wasn’t, for older projects. Since it wasn’t in the local, when the local updated, the server didn’t detect any changes.

Jacob can confirm if I’ve got it right. I will say that understanding the problem makes me feel way less out of control.

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@Lori_Holmes, Chet reached out to me in Support (Help menu from within Dabble) to get this resolved. Would you mind reaching out there to let me know what your issues are so we can get it fixed?

Sync has always been my highest priority and has taken the most time (by far) of any other feature in Dabble. Anything I can do to fix, improve, and make more stable the syncing I will do. This is why, consequently, the mobile update took months of work. Most of the work was on an updated sync.

@Chet_Sandberg that is right. This has been fixed however, so if @Lori_Holmes still has issues, there may be something else from older data.