Teaser to my new book The Rescuer! Would love feedback

Dreams are my worst fear. Nightmares and dreams can get me from super alert to cowardly whimpering in the corner of my bed. The terrors that happen in dreams never seem to leave me. They consume my thoughts for a good remainder of the night, leaving me foggy in the morning. Which may I add, makes my dad very mad. But apparently this dream had me moving around a lot because Nathan, who sleeps in the bedroom next to me, darts into my room.
“What’s wrong Callie? Are you okay?” He asks nervously. I don’t like to talk about my personal things to anyone. I am afraid that anything I could tell them could be used against them in the most horrible way possible. So I lied to him. I nod my head and hope he gets the que. I have always had the mentality that I have to protect those I love. So my mom, dad, and sweet Nathan, who has been there for me forever. Can’t know any of the thoughts in my head. Period.
He gets the que that I don’t want to talk about it, and he pulls up the blanket of my bed and sits next to me. He puts his arm around my left shoulder and kisses me on the top of my head and plays with my hair. I have a hard time with making myself vulnerable, but with his hand moving through my hair, I relax and lay my head on his chest. His hand goes limp in about ten minutes and his breathing slows, so I assume he has fallen asleep.