Technical Issue: Japanese Input


Part of my work requires me to write academic journal articles and books in Japanese. I am trying out Dabble to see if it can be a replacement for Scrivener. I am liking the simple look and how intuitive the interface is. However, one major issue for me is when I try to type in Japanese. Dabble’s input manager seems to be interfering with macOS’s input editor for Japanese.

Before I go into detail with what is happening, I need to ask if there are any plans to develop Dabble for Japanese? I am not talking about the interface. I am talking about the ability to type in Japanse.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Darren M. McDonald


I had thought Dabble worked with this already, but I guess not. I would need to work with someone who knows how it works and what the issues might be to get it working. It isn’t a priority right now however. Sorry Darren!