Telegram Group Chat for support and accountability?

So, I posted this in the nanowrimo forums, figured I’d post here as well in case others may be interested!

Hey, fantasy writers of all kinds! I was curious if anyone would be interested in joining a Telegram chat group? Telegram is available for both mobile and desktop. The group would be all about helping each other, supporting each other, accountability, and just having people to talk to who have similar passions! :heart: I could even break it up into multiple groups in case there are people who just want to talk with friends but don’t want to be part of accountability or something like that.
The group would be 18+, because, well, I know my filter is HEAVILY broken :joy:

Any takers?


I am in. I write a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi. LOL, such as it is anyways.

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If you have a telegram already, do you want to drop your username or number and I can add you? :slight_smile:

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Hi Tori,

I will set up on Telegram and let you add me. It looks like a cool service.

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I might give it a go–are you getting much interest over in the Nano forums?

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Did anything ever happen with this?


No sorry, I got wrapped up in Nano. I will have time come the beginning of the year, maybe then.

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I’m game if still open. Fantasy and Sci Fi are my bread and butter. My telegraph user name is @Pamhi

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