Michael D.

Across all generations have been ridiculed by many arrogant know-it-alls, mocking laughter, and teasing. I have been seen as a pathetic existence by many. I persevere and try to see optimism in a time of darkness. In a time where a small but monstrous presence has consumed the world and keeps people masked both physically and mentally. A time when all generations feel nostalgia and long to break away from the mainstream road that shows nothing but the same one-dimensional story on repeat in television, phone, and any other object with a screen. In this time, a digital parasite is eating away in the minds of innocent people during a time of uncertainty. Some still see the positives in this gloomy time. They are the ones who break free from the tentacles that grasp at them in a boiler and force them to endure nothing but loneliness and the torturous heat of an everlasting inferno. They will be the ones who bring back creativity and uniqueness to the world and fight off the lazy and ignorant beings that only want to annoy and torment everything. They make me think of my childhood. It was a time when I was more handicapped. I had to learn to grow, mature and socialize with others. I was content with being caressed in my comfort zone by the tentacles in the boiler. I had to get out of my comfort zone and into an overwhelming world of question and mystery. I went to a camp where others like me had to learn to get along and socialize. It wasn’t easy. I had a hard time fitting in and finding friends. The tentacles of the boiler kept reaching out to me every time I tried to be social. I struggled to socialize. After years of practice, I got better, not perfect but better. I do not want to be perfect. Perfection does not know what flaws and depths are. Our mistakes and faults make us who we are today. Had I or anyone else not gone through the bumpy road of spiky gravel and shard glass, we would not be who we are today. We would be mindless blobs with no real purpose in life, watching the shadows of good times and great opportunities pass by. What is life worth if you do not even attempt to go forth with trying something new outside of your comfort zone? You must resist the temptation of going into an eternal hibernation if things don’t go your way. Learning experiences hurt, but they help.

The three crucial zones you will encounter in your life are your comfort zone, learning zone, and panic zone. The list goes on for the zones that will come your way. But each one of these three zones is more extreme than the other. Each one plays a part in your life. They help guide you through both good times and trying times. Think of each zone as a step-in growth, steps in maturity, finding out your purpose in life, and coping with a tedious or heartbreaking situation. There are also steps in seeing what you are truly capable of accomplishing. The comfort zone is a zone where you are safe and can reflect on whether or not you are worthy of going forth in life, leaving your paradise, and trying to find an identity for yourself. Should one stay in their comfort zone, they will be at ease but never learn something new or find an identity for themselves. They must go forth in life, away from whatever makes them feel content and at ease. A comfort zone is handy for helping you cope with a loss of a loved one or relieve stress, but it can be misused. If someone spends too much time in their comfort zone, they will never mature or learn how to grow and develop as an individual. They must enter the learning zone. It’s filled with obstacles and experiences they have to endure and accomplish. The learning zone will hurt but help them in life, steering them in the directions they have to go. It can be overwhelming and, at times, scary. Almost like falling from a plane or confronting a hurtful person deep within the terrifying realm of the internet. You have to learn to grow and accept that even if you don’t win the battle, you will survive and develop as an individual. Learning experiences have rewards with regrets, rewards because of your endurance but regrets for wanting to do more and grow as an individual. The panic zone can be both a dangerous zone and a safety zone that most people would rather avoid, but occasionally one does step into this zone from time to time. This zone, as I said, can be deadly but also save lives, such as the digital realm helping a disabled person connect and grow with society and people. If not used correctly, one could end up in a pit of panic surrounded by the monsters of anxiety that will eat away at you until there is nothing left but fear. But panic zones can be helpful. What could seem dangerous may be harmless and adorable. Looks are deceiving. The panic zone helps keep your wits about you and identify trouble at every turn in life. Like the tentacles that caress us in our comfort zone, they can also constrict us. They range from being responsible in the learning zone to tight and painful in the panic zone. Each experience we encounter plays a part in our lives. To help, hurt, warn, teach, and save us from the world. The world isn’t always cheerful and happy, yet it isn’t always cruel and merciless.

Insensitive and arrogant people come in all shapes and sizes, but they are not always emotionless machines, even they need sympathy. They can be hurting on the inside and are only going at people because they want attention and don’t want to seem weak. Always think before you judge. A person at first could appear to be handsome and charming but is hiding a sadistic and cruel nature under their skin. These people will do anything to bring you down. They range from corrupt government officials to average citizens that are remorseless and manipulative in their selfish needs. There are many ways to deal with these individuals, and it doesn’t always involve violence, which could only make matters worse and give them strength and power over you. If someone or something tries physically harming you, then defend yourself. If you are being trolled on or harassed by a person online in the digital realm of parasites and brain-eaters, the best thing to do is not to talk to them and block their actions from making your life miserable. The wise thing to do, don’t give them anything to work with, no power and no juice to fuel their desires. Keep them at bay and do not talk back to them, words not only can hurt, but they can also be tactless. Step away from the screen and use your brain. Think before you speak. Think before you do something that will get you in trouble. These people can be anywhere, don’t give them power. They will leave you alone if you ignore them. We all need to learn how to deal with people wherever we go. To find out why the tentacles of life reach out to us, to take us to where we need to go. Why do so many of us want gizmos and gadgets that are either useless or obsolete? Why can’t we go forth in life and learn to become better individuals? To know that if there were no evil, we would not know what good and kindness are. Let us rejoice and treasure the simple things in life. Let us step away from screens that do nothing but numb our brains and imaginations. Let us start fresh and willing to grow, learn, and mature. When problems both big and microscopic are flooding the world, let’s all work together to patch things up. Let’s become better individuals and thank God for what we have. The tentacles of life are waiting to take you to your next destination so let them coil around you and take you there. No matter how hectic, overwhelming, or mysterious the road may be, go forth into it, have an adventure, read a book, put down your phone unless needed to save a life, and become a better person. Step out of the tentacle-infested boiler that you call your comfort zone and into the tentacle-infested place you call life. Begin your journey, quest, and adventure, whatever you want to call it, into becoming the person you want to be. Life is waiting, and all you have to do is take each step one at a time.

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