The Chosen (WIP) First Chapter (Available on Wattpad)

I’ve always liked the colour red.

But watching the red blood run over my hands made me feel so powerful. So immortal. His blood is quite literally on my hands. Watching the blood drip off onto the floor was oddly satisfying in the silent throne room. It calmed my mind seeing his blood running away from his body, his eyes vacant. But it hasn’t fixed anything. In fact, I think it made things worse.

Did power and revenge turn me into something I didn’t’ recognise? Or was it just something deep inside me that climbed its way out?

I must start at the beginning to decide.

My mother must have known what would happen to me. That’s why she named me, Arieth which means blood in Elven.

I’m not sure if they would be proud of what I have done, but does that matter now?

Arieth was an average child. Her father was a farmer, and her mother was the town’s seamstress. They were the perfect pair. They cared for their darling daughter dearly and would always make sure she was happy and looked after. They did a good job raising her, and no one could have asked for better parents.

But Areith wasn’t the angel they thought she was. She caused trouble, always the child who ran off into the forbidden woods, wanted to learn how to fight, climb trees, even tried to fight some of the local boys for teasing her. Areith had a simple life planned out for her. She was to become a wife, have children and be the perfect family woman. At the age of fifteen, her father had already promised her to one of the Blacksmiths sons, Conan. Conan and Arieth had been friends since we were very young, it was destined that they were to be together. He was the one that would give her lessons in defending herself against the other boys. He taught her how to climb a tree and ride a horse. Deep down, she had always hoped her father would pick him to be her husband.

Hearing this news, they were both very excited to know that we would spend the rest of their lives together. Even if they didn’t fall in love, at least they were the best of friends.

Under the old oak tree, they promised that they would care for each other until the bitter end and sealed it with their first kiss.

Everything seemed perfect in the little village of Old Hern but soon came the news. Our beloved Kingdom was invaded. Demons swarmed in from the north, their King wanting to take over the entire continent. The stories spread about the demon King, with his seven foot frame, his giant twisting horns and his dark magic that killed the innocent people he came across. His minions are grotesque creatures that you see in nightmares. But the knights and royals were beautiful. They looked like humans, apart from the ram’s horns on top of their heads. They say these Demons are descendants of the Ancient Elves that once roamed the lands before humans had discovered it. But there were many stories about what these strange creatures were.

Now our Kingdom was thrown into a war that we are not prepared for. The King rushed to gather his army to face the Demons head-on and stop them in their tracks. Not much changed for the average person. It meant rationing food so that it could go off to the army and feed them. Some of the village men went to join the military, Conan was one of these men. With his skills in Blacksmithing and fighting, he was the perfect soldier. Though heartbreaking to see him leave, everyone thought that they would be home within the year. Little did they know.

When the day came for Conan to leave for the war, Areith cried until she could no see no more. He promised her he would be back to start our lives together, but Areith knew that she would most likely never see him again.

Eight months passed, and a new year crept in. A pair of the Kingsmen came to the village, their armour shining in the rain. Their horses whinnied as they galloped in. We all knew it was bad news. Conan and a few others from the village had died in battle. It felt like Areiths world had come to an end. Her best friend, her lover, had been taken away from me without being able to experience life together.

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