The crew- sample draft-

she’s with my father this woman she’s my mom.

“im going to tuck the kids in tonight,” she said. *why did she tell him though she knew he was asleep .*she walked over to me, I was holding the toy she made me. it was a dragon with black scales and white speckles down its back. I look up at my mom she was crouched down in front of me smiling. I’ve always wondered why she always smiled no matter what even when she’s mad.

“bedtime girls” she whispered. girls who else is here. I look to see who it was but I don’t see them I look around. im in my room the one I share with my brother sol but there were three beds. who.I climb to up my loft bed and wait. why. my mom was looking around for my brother. I get her attention and point under my desk. sol and I built a nook where we would read. he looks up from his book and got up and went to bed. my mom walked over to the third bed and tucked someone in. she says their name but I can’t hear her. she tucks sol in than me. “goodnight moonbud” she said, “goodbye” she muttered. she sits down at my desk. I sit up. why goodbye. I see the third person run out of the room. I jump out of bed and run out of my room after her. then it’s there the monster it turns its head to me. I can’t move.why. I just stare. I see her but I can’t. who. she walks towards the monster. “NO, WAIT!” I yell after her.

I bolt awake out of breath. great two nightmares in one night. I look around and lay back down. it still dark around six. I get up and get dressed grab my sword then I go for a run.