The King’s Armourer

I’m thinking of using this photo for the author image on the inside back of the dust cover for my novel The King’s Armourer which is about to be published. Would be interested in people’s comments on the photo.


Is he elderly? What time period is this?

It’s me the author, yes I am 60, it’s me trying to relate the author to the the novel, which is in the medieval period, My normal author photo is:


The King’s Armourer starts out as an apprentice, so I can see what you mean as regards the age. The character is young, not the author.


Oh, I’m a total idiot mdr. I read your thing so wrong.

Anyway, I hope I didn’t offend you.

I think it’d be fine but perhaps a bit edgy.

(Also, where’d you find a dagger?)

Thanks, for your reply. You can probably see why I posted it. As a third party seeing both images, which would you use?


I do like the picture with the dagger, but ultimately, I’d go with your Normal picture.

Question: In the future, would you be switching your Author again based on the type of story you’re writing?


Your normal picture is less scary in my opinion.

I probably wouldn’t be your reading audience so don’t take my word for it.

Is my normal picture scary? I agree with everyone I think it is reasonable author photo.


No lol.

It seems like it’s from a Western XD.

I like it though.

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Thanks for the feedback, you’ve confirmed my thoughts, I’ll stick with my original photo:

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I like both, but I think the original will be better for the jacket. The dagger one might be fun to use in social media marketing or a book signing or something.


When will your book be published?

It was due out last month, but delayed due to issues at the printers. Unfortunately, looks like it is going to be early next year now.

That will be a good photo for the book

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