The Lurking - Opening

The Lurking

By: David Serra

Chapter 1

He had the fish in a bucket, the syringe in a shaky hand. Blood trickled from his bottom lip, his black-eye still throbbing and his other twitching convulsively. He fell to his knees, unfazed by the jagged rocks scraping against his skin. With his free hand he carefully grabbed the squirmy fish and held it down. Holding the syringe over its body his sight darted back and forth from the fish to the lake. The thought of his attacker, his hoarse voice, and smug smile interrupted his second thoughts. He erased his doubts and inserted the needle into the fish’s side. He held it firmly, preventing it from thrashing, and ejected it with the serum. He gently slipped the needle out from its body; the fish thrashed and squirmed in the bucket, splashing water everywhere. The man dumped the fish into the lake; it immediately swam into the depths. He stripped off his clothes and pulled out a handgun from his pants pocket.

In a rage-daze he slowly walked out into the cool waters of the lake, his finger on the trigger. He muttered a prayer under his breath with every step, before placing the muzzle of the handgun in his mouth when he was in chest deep water he whispered, “You brought this on yourself, Lewis.”

Those were his last words.