The Lurking - Short Scary Story - Feedback Please

The Lurking

By: David Serra

Dr. Halek and I were working late that night. A storm was brewing outside and the high school lab was filled to the brim with boxes. We were almost finished unpacking when Dr. Halek asked, “What are you planning to major in, Nathaniel?”

I straightened up to look at him with an on and off frown. “I want to be a photographer.”

“Sounds great. Explain to me why you are in detention.”

I turned away and let my gaze go to the window. It was starting to drizzle out and thunder rumbled in the distance. Dr. Halek came up to my side.

“I got into a fight with someone because they made fun of my mental difference.”

“Do you see a therapist?”


“Do you take medication?”


“Do your parents help you?”

“Not really.”

An awkward pause befell us.

“Help me unpack the rest of these boxes and we’ll talk.”

The lights flickered from a loud boom of thunder. I hoped the power wouldn’t go out, I didn’t want to see my parents yet.

We were finishing up the last of the boxes when I noticed an opened box in the corner of the room. I inspected it, the box was brand new and there was nothing inside. The strangest part was that the box looked like it was opened from the inside out.

“So, Nathaniel,” spoke Dr. Halek, “I know a few therapists who can help you. I can give you their business cards if you want.”

“Oh, right yeah sure,” I replied, not looking at him.

“What’s wrong?”

I pointed to the box, he examined it with a questioned look. The rain poured outside and a flash of lightning streaked across the sky. The lights flickered wildly before going out. A few seconds went by and the emergency lights switched on.

“At least we got the supplies done.” Dr. Halek said.

“Yeah, at least. What do you think was in the box?”

“Not sure but-”

A low and threatening growl from somewhere in the room startled us. We searched the place with our eyes. From the dark a large and long shadowy figure scurried behind the front desk, knocking over a small trash can.

“Nathaniel stay close to me.” Dr. Halek whispered sharply.

I stumbled next to him and we slowly headed for the door. I picked up a scalpel from a desk and held it up like a weapon. We were almost at the door when the growl sounded off again. I froze when I saw something rise from behind the desk. Dr. Halek snatched the scalpel from me and shielded me. From over his shoulder, a huge and scaly lizard-like creature with large fangs and sharp claws came into the light. Its dark-gray eyes locked into ours with its long tail swishing behind it.

Dr. Halek forced me to the door when the creature spat venom in his eyes. He screamed and dropped the scalpel. I snatched it up and pulled him through the door. The creature slammed against the glass, shattering it when I shut it. It gnashes its jaws at us. I jammed the scalpel into its left eye. It squealed in pain and retreated into the room.

I went to help Dr. Halek up and screamed in horror. His whole face and eyes were dissolved away. His motionless body sprawled out on the tile floor, his glasses fell off, and clinked to the ground.

In an instant I sprinted down the hallway towards the exit, I could hear the door to the school’s lab bust open. The creature had escaped and was now feeding on the remains of Dr. Halek.

I burst through the exit and out into the pouring rain, my screams drowned out by the thunder.

The next day, Dr. Halek’s remains were found. I was questioned heavily by the authorities, I told them everything.

They found the box where the creature came from but the creature was nowhere to be found. They suspected me of killing him but I was proven to be innocent.

I now see a therapist and take meds for both my mental health and the trauma I experienced. My parents questioned my story, I told them it was true despite their skepticism.

But what didn’t make sense was who sent the box to the school and what was that creature?

I hope I never find out.