The new importing feature

I just noticed the article here How do I import to Dabble? | Dabble Help Center ( regarding importing to Dabble.

I tried using this in an effort to make a duplicate copy of a project so that I could remove parts of it. Part of it ended up being a tutorial I want to separate into a different file.

So, I exported it to Word, then tried importing it. It exported with the hashtags separated the scenes, like the article said is needed, but when I imported it, it didn’t recognize the hash tags and turned into one long page.

Has anyone else been able to do this?

I absolutely love Dabble, by the way. I haven’t used it for a while due to my cancer journey and not writing for a period of time. I’m enjoying using it again.

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It works but it’s tempermental I’ve found.

It has to be the first scene. And it has to be in an exact format.

Here are the forum notes on it:

The example works when you paste into Chapter title field, and if you paste into the scene it came out a little strange, but still split everything up.


I have made some improvements to the Import on Paste feature which will be out shortly.