TODO items?

Any suggestions on how to create and track “To Do” items as you’re writing? I’m finding that as I write, I want to put a To DO reminder inside my scene to come back to later. Is this posssible? I would assume the easiest method is to just wrote something like #TODO in your scene and search for that later, eh?

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I use my plot grid for a similar use. I created a new plot line called “Notes” and add my ideas or issues in there, which I use when I go back and re-write or edit.

You could do the same thing with “To Do”, and thanks to the plot grid you can easily see which scenes have notes on them either from inside the scene or from the grid itself.


I do the same as @Tori. A separate scene card in that “ToDo” plot line can be attached to each scene where necessary and appears in the right column. You can then add or remove any comments you want and have it separate from actual plot points or character notes.

See some details and tipps on the plot grid in this forum discussion:


Thanks! THis is really useful!