Transcript Style (Hanging Indent)

Does anyone have an experience trying to include a transcript in your story? I’m writing a story with some epistolary scenes, including the transcript of an interview. I want to use good transcript style to make it readable, but Dabble doesn’t give me a way to do that, as far as I can tell. Mostly, I’m looking for a hanging indent. (See samples here, Transcript Example (with Microsoft Word and PDF Templates))

Any suggestions?


If you click the quote twice you get a block quote that left aligns. the quote one press will center and italicize it.

That’s all the formatting options you have at the moment in dabble.

You won’t be abe to do it all on the same line though.



Blockquotes don’t give anything like the hanging indent found in transcription style guides. I guess my only option is to fix it when I port the story to an MS Word manuscript.


It won’t give you the same format. But you can change your manuscript formatting to use Modern style. So it uses no tabs and a large space between paragraphs (like a webpage does) and use block quotes so it’ll look something like:

Persons Name:

quote here.

Persons Name 2:

persons name here

The block quotes here would be formatted with a left align, regular text block

Like this:


To change your manuscript formatting you’d click the gear on the name of the project. This has several different options.


BUT it doesn’t export this way so you have to fix it regrdless.

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