Twin Reefs - First Chapter of Novella I Wrote

Chapter 1

I hated the fact that we were moving to some tropical shithole, but trust me I don’t swear unless I mean it. Most 17-year-old girls like me would love to have a house near the beach. I on the other hand, would make my funeral arrangements early and hope for someplace better in the afterlife.

But suicide was out of the question since my spunky 12-year-old sister, Kelli, would miss me and my Dad would be lonely because the divorce ruined him. Last time I saw my parents together, and not very peacefully, was when I was in the hospital after losing my right-arm in a boating accident two summers ago. It was a horrendous event that I don’t ever want to relive again.

“What do you think?!” squeaked Kelli.

I jerked awake from my nap at the sound of her high-pitched voice and blankly glimpsed up at the clear and bumpy blanket of water along the coastline. Quickly turning away to face Kelli’s freckled face I studied the picture she drew in the car.

“You always have to wake me from awesome dreams don’t you?” I jokingly replied.

Kelli smiled.

“I tried to make the trees better than last time.” Kelli said.

“I can see that very nice.” I answered, trying to sound amused. Kelli didn’t have the best artistic skills but I was her big sister and loved her.

“Marcelyn, Kelli…” Dad interrupted, “We’re here.”

I looked up towards the front; it was an old and crummy cottage that squatted over by the bay with a sandy driveway that we pulled into. I adjusted my prosthetic arm as I climbed out of the car behind Kelli who skipped towards the front door of the loathsome lodge with her picture. I could tell she despised the place just as much as Dad and I did but, she was trying to hide it.

As I wondered around the house trying to get familiar with the area, I spotted a mansion across from where we would be living, on the other side of the bay.

Towering like a lighthouse the mansion was shaded gray with uncountable windows. From where I stood I could see a slim, blonde girl, around my age, dressed in expensive clothing like the outfits in a fashion magazine. She strutted out of the house carrying a book and went over to the porch swing to read, when the door to the house swung opened.

My curiosity quickly changed to a sickening feeling when a little boy a tad younger than Kelli stomped out of the house with what looked like a Nintendo game.

I never gave much thought into electronics or videogames since I personally find them annoying. I would much rather draw with my sister, or at least attempt too since I no longer have my dominant hand.

I noticed the blonde girl seemed annoyed by her little brother’s rambunctious presence. She got up quickly from her chair and headed over to a flower garden on the other side of the house. Her brother smirked as she left.

Suddenly she noticed I was watching and paused to look. I awkwardly waved and she casually waved back before she headed inside.

If I knew how much trouble I was going to get into the following days I probably wouldn’t have waved to her.

But now that I think of it I’m glad I did.