Typing Diactrics


I need to use the Hawaiian diacritic kahako (ā). If I use the unicode symbol, it inserts in a different font. Anyone know of a way of making it use the Dabble font?



that might actually be because the font used doesn’t have that character and it’s defaulting to a different font. instead of giving you a box character. OR the person who made the font didn’t change that character. I don’t recall what Jacob is using as a font so I can’t go look up the character map.

It’s going to look strange until Jacob can look at the font itself, but check to see if it exports alright your encoding is likely right it would just be a quick check. This is something I would submit in chat support so Jacob can look real time with you specifically and get it fixed or at least see what’s going on.


Thanks. I’ll do that. I’ve noticed since that it displays normally in the main body text of the note. Presumably a different font set.

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