Under the Bed and Through the Closet - Sample

Under the Bed and Through the Closet

By: David Serra

Chapter 1

Despite being younger, Dana Crawford was protective of her brother Alan. He had autism which made it difficult for him to socialize and prone to outbursts. One day, while they were visiting their aunt’s house, Alan refused to go upstairs to the guest bedroom.

“What’s wrong, Alan?” Dana asked.

“There’s a monster in the closet.”

Dana of course didn’t believe in monsters but went up to check out the guest room. She searched the closet, there appeared to be nothing. She was about to leave the room when she accidentally kicked something on the floor which went under the bed. At first glance, it looked like a curved claw, the size of a pumpkin stem. She looked under the bed but saw nothing. Thinking it was a trick of the light she headed downstairs.

“Did you see anything?” Their aunt asked.

“No, no monsters.”

Alan still refused to go upstairs for the rest of the day. Dana didn’t want him to have another outburst so she and her cousin kept him company while their aunt and parents had coffee and chatted with each other.

When they returned home it was late and time for bed. Dana was reading herself to sleep with a new book she bought when she heard a rustle in her closet. At first, she thought something fell when her closet doors swung open. Out came a three-eyed, hairy, and burly monster with ram horns. He came up to her bed, Dana froze in fear, unable to scream or react.

“Hey, kid,” the monster spoke, in a gruff whisper, “I’m sorry I scared your brother. You see my friend accidentally broke a claw when he was visiting your cousin and I was trying to get it back.”

“Am… Am… I,” Dana sputtered, “Is this a dream?”

The monster shook his massive head. “No, I just came by to apologize. The name’s Carl, see you around.”

He disappeared into her closet, shutting the doors behind him. Dana switched the lights on and swung the closet doors open. There was nothing but clothes and accessories inside.

Morning came fast, Dana told her parents and Alan about what happened last night.

“Sounds like you had a wild dream.” Mrs. Crawford replied.

Dana let her head droop. Alan stared at her in complete fascination.

“Well, hurry up you two, the bus will be here soon.” Mr. Crawford said.

That day at school, Dana told her friend, Nancy, about what happened over lunchtime. She gave her a strange look but said nothing.

“It was so weird,” said Dana, “Why would a monster visit me?”

“You were probably dreaming,” Nancy replied.

“Yeah, maybe.”

“So, how’s Alan doing?”

“He’s… fine.”

Dana suddenly realized Alan had seen the monster at their aunt’s house. The lunch bell rang and the students returned to their classrooms. Dana still thought about the monster the whole time while in class.

When she and Alan got home that night, she went straight to her room to do the huge amount of homework she got. Her mind wandered to her closet. Was it all a dream last night, or was it real? She managed to refocus her mind enough to finish her homework after two and a half hours. Dana was about to go downstairs to dinner when an idea struck her brain.

Chapter 2

Over dinner, Dana thought about her plan while she chatted with Alan and her parents.

“So, how was school?” Mrs. Crawford asked.

“Fine, same old same old,” Alan replied.

“Same here,” Dana added.

Dana consumed the rest of her string beans and grilled chicken before excusing herself from the table to freshen up for bed.

“You sure you don’t want to watch a movie with us tonight?” Mr. Crawford asked.

“No thanks, I’m good,” Dana replied.

Mr. Crawford shrugged and went into the living room to join Alan and his wife. Her parents were seated on a couch while Alan doodled in a notebook.

In her room, Dana set up a digital camcorder and hid it behind a curtain. But before she could switch it on, she heard a rustle under her bed. It was Cal, his huge clawed hand appeared out from under her bed and, with a finger, gestured for her to come closer. Dana grabbed a baseball bat and cautiously went towards her bed.

“Relax kid,” he whispered, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“My name is Dana. What do you want?”

“I wanted to make sure I didn’t startle you last night. Plus my friend, Verek, is having a party tonight so I wanted to invite you and your brother over.”

Cal crawled out from under the bed and stood up tall, towering over her. Dana looked into his three eyes in question.

“How do I know you’re not trying to trick me?”

“Pinky swear, I just want you to meet some of my friends.”

He stuck out his thick and brawny pinky. Dana stared at it for a moment before sticking out her much smaller pinky and letting them lock pinkies for a moment.

“All right, but not too long,” Dana said.

“Great, go get your brother.”

“He’s watching a movie with my parents right now.”


Cal moved from the bed to the closet and swung the doors open. He brushed the clothes on hangers away to reveal a tunnel that appeared to lead into darkness. Dana hesitated.

“After you, Dana.”

She looked back at her bedroom door with a worried expression.

“I promise you will return home safely after this,” Cal assured her.

Dana let the baseball bat slip from her grip and she went forward into the closet. She got into the tunnel and found herself sliding down into oblivion.