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Upgrading & downgrading?

I just completed a trial (which I think was for Standard).
It included the ability to add chunks under plotting and stories.

I liked the trial, thus subscribed at the Basic level.
It includes the character notes, but appears that I can read, but not modify.

In the months ahead, there might be some that are writing heavy, and others where I don’t touch the software at all.

Can I upgrade for a month (or four) and then downgrade (or four) as I want in the future?

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I’m going to say yes. Anything that isn’t covered by the plan you are subscribed to at the time will be read only. And you won’t be able to create any new items in those areas, but you will never lose access to anything even if you stop subscribing. I think that’s what Jacob told me when I inquired about a similar topic.

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AJ is correct. You can upgrade and downgrade (or cancel) as needed. You will be prorated as well, so you won’t lose any money in the process. The one disclaimer I’ll throw out is when you change plans, you will need to change to whatever is currently available, so if pricing goes up in the future (we currently have COVID-priced plans) you’ll be switching to those new prices. That may still be better than paying for Dabble on months you don’t use it. I’ll let you decide that.

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