Using Dabble to create RPG modules/adventures

I’ve been really enjoying Dabble.

First off, I would not consider myself a writer. Not in the way most people think anyway. However, I’ve found myself writing (or trying to write) adventure modules for RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. The way Dabble lets your organize your story and visualize the adventure plot/sub-plots makes this the perfect tool for creating rich RPG adventures. The Story Notes section is perfect for adding NPC information and world notes. This is an invaluable tool for writing an RPG module.

I used to use Scrivener for all of this, and it was pretty good. My problem with Scrivener was that it became too bloated with features I’ll never use, kind of like Word. Dabble is streamlined and does exactly what I need.

Looking at the Roadmap, I see “Character tools” on the distant horizon. I’m very excited about this feature.


OOooh I hadn’t thought about that. I have this nice little idea for an RPG I wanted to start I might just chuck it in Dabble and see where it goes. After NaNo tho… that’s only a few days away.


Dumb question: Isn’t NaNoWriMo in November…?


They run two Camp NaNoWriMo’s… you choose your goals in April and June/July I forget which.


Cool! I did not know that. :slight_smile:


Hi Branden!
NaNo is kinda all year round with support for writing projects. RPG’s would be perfect for Camp cause you can choose your own goal and not all types of writing have 50k word goals. For Camp, you can choose hours of work or even lines (good for poetry).
It’s less stressing than the main event in November (at least for me) and we organize a Dabble Cabin (chat group) on the new NaNo website where now all events are in one place.