Verification on NaNo for winners

I am confused, and it seems that there are a lot people who seem to think they know the answer who directly conflict with others.

Is the word count on NaNo passed from Dabble going to be recognized for the purposes of verification, or not?

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yes. There is no verification this year other than updating your word count.

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As @AerisLei said.
The 50k will pop up like the other achievements (streaks, other word counts etc.), from there you can go to your winners/goodies page to get any discounts or other interesting stuff.
Good luck!

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Yes, there is no copy paste verification this year and I for one love that. The devs are considering bring it back next year, but nothing is confirmed.

When you are updating your word count, you have to click on this badge for the win to become official, or verified. I assume it is the same with the Dabble count as it is with a manual add. Make sure you click on the badge just in case. Clicking on the badge will also take you to your winner’s goodies page. Your progress bar in the forums will turn purple (you may have to log in and out again to see it), and another segment will get added to your laurel.


Thanks everyone. This was certainly a confusing year with changes

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Yes! Haha, yes.