What Genre Of Books Do You Write?

Howdy everyone! :grin:
I’m interested in knowing what genre of books everyone writes, and if you write multiple genres, which one you enjoy writing the most. Please tell me as I would love to know, and have a Merry Christmas!!! :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

~ E.J

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I write predominately Urban Fantasy/Paranormal. But all my stories have romance in them. All my AU stories fall into straight up Romance. My MC and his love like the real story but they are always well what if…

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I write all kinds of genres, to the point I don’t even know which my work falls under (oops!). I’m particularly into sci-fi, thrillers, general fiction, poetry, and even a bit of horror. I’d say my favorite of these to write in would be sci-fi/dystopian, simply because I love creating messed-up worlds with cool futuristic features. I do enjoy a good mystery romp as well!

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I write in three genres (at the moment). Thriller/Suspense, Sci-Fi and Coming of Age Romance. Each gives me something creatively that the others don’t.

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I’m best at realistic fiction. I recently wrote a fantasy novel, though, and it was fun to do! Adding magical creatures and making them up was entertaining!

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Non-fiction for information technology leaders so far. Planning on publishing some fiction in 2022, probably broadly science fiction.

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I’ve written two memoirs, the second is a radical version of the first. I’ve written and taught screenwriting. My WIP is a police procedural psychological novel.

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Those have always intrigued me. I love cool things such as those, that prompt deep thinking.

In the past I’ve authored technology books about network performance, Unix and network management. That was in a past life.

Now I dabble at science fiction. :slight_smile:


Science fiction (when done well) is the BOMB


My current novel is upper middle grade coming of age.

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I tend to write ya realistic fiction. I had wrote one fantasy novel and I’m have a romance novella set aside, but will be worked on soon.

I’ve been into ya realistic fiction, so I tend to write that.

I’m writing a cozy murder mystery series …

I do also dabble with speculative fiction…

I write anything from teen romance to urban books (I’m black)

Primarily romance but, I jump sub-genres. I like that romance is flexible enough where it can be historical, sci-fi, or fantasy.

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I’m currently working on a transgender themed dystopian story, about 216,000 words planned. I try to stick to trans themed stories because we don’t have enough of them.

I love writing fantasy with some romance. I’m a sucker for lore and mythology when writing fantasy.

I am writing romance but in different sub-genres. Current WIP are suspense and paranormal suspense. I also like to try an include some Scottish folklore where I can as we have such a rich history of story telling here :slightly_smiling_face:

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