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What is your oldest project?


I have a project that I always end up going back to. As a 27 year old college senior, I’ve been working on this project since 6th grade, making my ‘baby’ almost 17 years old. However, this year, it finally took some much needed hacking and recreating. So I was just curious, how old is the oldest project you’re working on?



8 years old. Firelight. It’s the one I hope to complete to a first draft this year.




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My oldest project is 3 years old. I have one I started in college but I don’t really intend to go back to it though it’s never finished and I liked the story well enough.



Wow! You’re all committed!

Any project besides my current one is lost and will never be returned to, haha!

Making my oldest project… 6 months old!



Finish these up! You can do it!



My oldest WIP is my first attempt at NaNoWriMo in 2014 - Plus One. I got to 38K and froze! It’s the only time I didn’t complete the challenge. I’ve recently gone back to it and am making a new outline. It will get published. One day. :wink:

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I have a number (8-10) stories in various states of repair. Most are at least five years old and some over ten. I go back to them periodically and tinker, sometimes having a burst of ideas. Currently, I’m working on a series that I only started last year. I may have a short attention span :slight_smile:

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Project “Threads” is what got me started on writing back in 2009, so this coming Spring will be its ten year anniversary. I haven’t decided whether I want to fix it up or just leave it in the Abyss.

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Wonderful question, that I will answer enthusiastically!

My first ever character sketches:

Done some time in primary school (so over 20 years ago). It’s for an underwater world.

My oldest work (14k words) is without title and it’s at least 16 years old.

The MC - Chris :wink: - is an archeologist, who gets drawn into a world of powerful gods and outlandish worlds. But first, he’s got to find an artifact, hence, I drew this map of godly conspiracy :smiley: .
It’s based on a weird dream I once had … like most of my writings :+1:.

I am home for Chrismas, so I had time to search those snippets in heaps of old stuff :blush: .



That’s right up my alley there, super cool!



Mine is about 22 years old. I was in Elementary School. I think I wrote 3 or 4 chapters. I still have it somewhere.



My oldest project is roughly 10 years old since conception and the first hand written manuscripts. It’s called The Academy (as a working title, at least). And it follows a mixed blood princess who was born of an alliance marriage to stop a war. She has spent all of her life in the kingdom of her father, and the book details her journey to the land of her mother’s people to study at their exclusive mage academy and her interactions therein.

I’ve got a bare-bones draft that exists and needs fleshing out and polishing.

Given the original concept was a weird mashup of eragon-esq dragonriders and lotr I’d say I’m doing well at cutting concepts that aren’t my own and shaping the world.



Sounds absolutely fascinating! :heart:

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My oldest (original) project has been around since…2007? It’s been shelved for quite a few years, but I have the intention of getting back to it, since I’ve kept all of my notes and drafts for it. I poke at it a bit every now and again, but haven’t been in the mood to really dust it off and rehash it for a while. I still count it, though.

I’ve also got an old fanfiction that I started in 2006 and haven’t touched since 2009. At this point the whole thing needs reworking before I’ll be able to finish it, though I’ve made finishing it a goal for the year – just for my own peace of mind (and maybe to give closure to all the readers I had for it so many years ago).