When Your Writing Surprises You

If you’re like me, and I know I am, you’re prolly way too hard on yourself and your own writing. Still, every once in awhile maybe you surprise yourself with a bit of writing that you love the moment you finish writing it. They’re few and far between for me but if you have any, maybe share them here. I’m curious if anyone else has these kinds of moments.

Doesn’t have to the best thing you’ve ever written. Just something that surprised you or that you’re fond of for whatever reason.

For example:

“…overwhelmed, his smile cracked wide open, and laughter spilled forth so powerfully it made his eyes water.”


Yes! Another user of this word.

Blech, my work is icky. XD, I’m sort of anxious when one reads it.

One that makes me tear up with suppressed laughter is this snippet:

“You know, Lana, we all have something in common.”
“We are living, sentient beings who need protection and someone who is there for them?” Lana asked, her cheeks glowing rosy.
“No, no, I mean yes, that too, but,” stuttered the landlord, “we all hate frogs.”


I can’t write worth beans, but it’s not so much the words here, but the experience it gives me. I feel like I’m there, in dance class, too. I don’t feel that way about most of what I write:

He jumped closer to my two saddle shoed feet, arms swinging like mine instead of flapping. I grabbed my pony tail; he might have had gum. Closer and closer until he stopped dancing in the thick of the other kids around us, whose arms and legs were too busy to notice, except for Sabrina, my only friend, who flailed and flapped behind us. I looked at him. He looked at me. I looked at Sabrina. She kept flapping. Then he did it. He kissed me like an unexpected comet on my left cheek.


I’m really insecure about my work, but one of my favorite pieces would have to be this:

" A loud sigh escapes me as Adam suddenly turns from the flower. He looks at me, still not quite mentally present, then puts the bloom in my lap. “You’re a rose,” he says decidedly, getting up. I gaze up at him, squinting to keep the golden afternoon sun out of my sensitive blue eyes, feeling that longing again to put my arms round his waist and hug him. But instead I break the moment with a stupid question.
“How can I be a flower? I’m a human.”
He chuckles, swiftly taking the flower again to examine it. “Because,” he says, meditatively, “you have many, many layers, like the rose. And every time one is taken away…” he pulls off a sweet petal to demonstrate, “Another layer is exposed. Some petals are chewed and beaten, others…are perfect. They all tell a story.” He pulls off all the petals and carelessly sprinkles them over my hair, then something falls into my hands which I’ve cupped to catch the thing.
“…Finally, all that’s left is the heart. And the heart’s a pretty beautiful thing.”


For a moment taken completely out of context, this is wonderful!

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Thank you!!

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Lol, does he propose?

No xD He’s just trying to convince her that her life matters. They should get married though hehe

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I ship it.

Lol, I’ll be their maid of honor (because me knowing they existed for about 2 hours makes me really close to them).

Oh my goodness, thank you so very much!!! :black_heart:

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