Why am I stuck with this AGAIN? This is in Safari, not the App. Won't complete a sync!

Aw, thank you! My goal is to get Dabble as stable as Google Docs, but with 1 engineer working on it instead of a team. They didn’t even have offline support for a number of years, so I feel Dabble is moving along nicely, but it isn’t there yet.

Once the sync is stable, and the Versioning feature is released, you shouldn’t have to worry about your data anymore. If you want a sneak peek at Versioning, here is an early version (no pun intended) of it that I use for restoring words people accidentally delete. The feature isn’t one people are pounding on the doors for, but I’m excited for it.


That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see all the new features coming through. Thank you Jacob :smiley:

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:star_struck: this looks SO COOL!

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Jacob always gives us fun new stuff :slight_smile:

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I cleared Chrome and so far, everything has been syncing fine.

I already won’t use the Mac app since it’s caused me to have constant sync issues. Hopefully this gets fixed.

Yes, I know the app is supposed to be merely a container for the web app, but it didn’t sync and it caused me major headaches. It’s bad enough I don’t even consider Dabble to HAVE a Mac app. It’s browser-only until I’m certain it won’t have syncing issues.

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Over the past week I have seen this sync problem with the desktop app a few times on my MacBook Pro running Catalina but it was brief and not persistent. Syncing up to the cloud is where the problem was. Syncing down from the cloud was quick.

On my Linux machine using Dabble in the web browser I’ve seen no problems at all. Naturally.

But on my Mac Pro running the ancient El Capitan, neither Dabble the desktop app nor the web browser version is able to synch up to the cloud. It syncs down just fine. Changes I make on the other machines reflect on the Mac Pro. The uparrow in the cloud symbol is always on and I cannot type any new material before I get the message:

Syncing Error.
It appears Dabble is taking too long to sync. Something must have gone wrong.
Please refresh the page. If this problem persists, contact support.

Jacob, I’m not blaming Dabble, I blame the Mac Pro. The machine has been up for over 120 days and I don’t want to reboot it for prideful reasons. I’m thinking a reboot will solve the problem. My VPN doesn’t work right either. Dabble works fine on the other two computers so I’m able to do NaNoWriMo without issue.

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For those who are not technical programmers, I’ve found a great solution that will help allow Dabble to be much better at sync. It will release with the bigger mobile update, end-of-year to early 2020.

Here is some additional information for those of you who are programmers/technical like @Johannes_Rexx.

I’ve been working on this problem and found a great solution. For context, Dabble uses Google Firestore. Dabble connects to Firestore directly with the JavaScript SDK. I’ve been unhappy with this. Firstly, issues exist in the libraries that the SDK is built on that cause errors. These libraries are used throughout Google and can’t just be fixed in the open source SDK. Another problem is I have to use Firebase along with Firestore to give me additional information about connectivity and presence information. A third problem is the size of the SDK. It is huge, comprising about half the size of Dabble’s code base, which affects load time, memory, and CPU, even with all the assets being cached locally. And fourthly (is that a word?), Google Firestore is also blocked by firewall at several customers’ workplaces when other assets and connections are not.

I have found I can use Google App Engine, another Google offering, to create a little websocket server that Dabble can connect to and load/save data to Firestore the same as Dabble does now. This will allow Dabble to ditch the SDK completely and puts control over the sync directly into my hands. This solution:

  • improves speeds by 80%!
  • reduces Dabble code by the size of the SDK (2MB, over 40%)
  • simplifies the sync code to be more efficient, less error-prone, and more resilient to intermittent internet
  • should allow Dabble to be used at most people’s workplaces that are currently blocked
  • is necessary for mobile which has varying levels of connectivity

I’m very excited about this solution. It will not be the most exciting thing for most of you, but the results will make Dabble feel more solid and reliable.


awesome! Thanks for the tech side :slight_smile:

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I’m using Chrome and haven’t had a problem over the last few days. Again, though—I won’t use the “app” that isn’t on the browser until I’m absolutely sure it really will sync.

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I have been using the desktop version of Dabble throughout NaNo without any problems after those “stability updates” :+1:

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Last year I had to restore people’s lost words from logs several times. This year, the only lost data all month has been one person this weekend who wrote at a coffeeshop while offline, then logged out before leaving and ignored the warning that they had unsynced data they would lose if they continued to logout (I may have to put a warning icon to help draw attention so people will read the warning before clicking Continue). The sync messages are annoying, but they’ve done their job.

The stability updates should keep this record while removing the syncing messages. :slight_smile:

Syncing is a hard problem to solve, and I’ve been working on it since Dabble launched, prioritizing it higher than other features most of the time. Every other online platform (not backed by a billion-dollar company like GDocs/Word) has had to deal with lost data. I hope Dabble will be the first small-company solution that works online and off 100% reliably. And this month has shown me it is possible. Now to make it happen without disrupting dialogs. :smiley:


Syncing has been completely stable since the last update, and frankly well before it. I use Dabble both on Linux with the Iridium web browser, a Chrome clone, and on macOS with the desktop app.

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I have been stable since the update. Not using MacOS with desktop; I “upgraded” to Catalina on a five year old MacBook Air and I don’t think that will work. I also switched to Chrome from Safari and like it so far. Thinking of ditching the Macbook Air for a Linux work station.

If I am writing offline and I do NOT log out, will I be OK when I get back online and synch?

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Yes. This is one of the core features of Dabble and an essential part of offline use.


My experience with running Desktop Dabble on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro is excellent. So it’s a seven-year old machine.

My experience running Dabble in a web browser on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB RAM is very good. This is new technology but at the low end of the hardware scale.

Linux on ARM. It’s the future.

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