Why doesn't Microsoft Editor work in Dabble?

I’m a big fan of Microsoft Editor as a cut down Grammarly/Writing Pro Aid alternative. Costs me nothing as an Office 365 subscriber and it’s a lot less naggy.
But for some reason it doesn’t work with Dabble whether the internal spellcheck is on or off. Am I missing something here? I find the internal spellcheck a bit sluggish to be honest.

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Most of the writing sides don’t work by default. Prowroting aid does because @Jacob integrated it. It doesn’t work the same way as other writing on the net. As an example google docs grammarly is in beta.

I actually hadn’t heard of Microsoft Editor before. That’s pretty cool.

The reason Grammarly, ProWritingAid (the extension), and Microsoft Editor don’t work with Dabble are technical reasons. Because of technical solutions we’ve implemented to increase performance for large projects (most projects really, since novels are usually large), our text is not accessible to most extensions. It’s been a trade-off between good performance and accessibility.

The web is very accessible from many devices, but a lot has to be done on the web platform to make things fast and snappy. It has been a challenging problem to tackle.

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Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense.

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That makes two of us that have never heard of Microsoft Editor.

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our text is not accessible to most extensions

That is a superb security decision and I applaud it. Browser web extensions are a terrible security vulnerability and are used to host spyware et. al. This design choice significantly lowers the attack surface for malware and boosts performance. That’s really a bonus.


I use Dragon with Dabble. So a best practice might be to turn off the Dragon dictation browser extension on any browser I use with Dabble?

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