Why is Dabble suddenly so buggy? Broken auto-correct

Starting today, I’ve experienced some very strange behavior with Dabble Writer. When it detects an incorrectly spelled word, it auto-corrects it but leaves a copy of the old, misspelled word, in place. That means I have to go back and manually delete the incorrect word. This has become quite a nuisance.

Another issue I’ve noticed, and I can’t pinpoint exactly how/when it happens, is sometimes Dabble will insert a capital “I” and a new-line following a word I just typed. At first, I figured it was a weird typo, but it’s happening regularly. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to reproduce the problem. It just seems to happen.

I’m using Dabble within my web browser, not a local client.

I know you made a bunch of updates recently. I just wanted to make you aware of these glitches. They’re annoying enough that I’m back to writing in Word then copy/pasting into Dabble.

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the new line is reproduceable if you put in double spaces. Not sure if that is your problem or not. Jacob said he fixed it.

The autocorrect thing might not be a dabble problem, chrome implemented an autocorrect and that could be messing with the syncing. I absolutely dislike autocorrect in the browser and I have yet to figure out how to turn it off. I didn’t htink Jacob implemented autocorrect.

What browser and OS are you using so Jacob can trouble shoot better?

Also he said the double space new line was fixed in 2.0.25 you can check to make sure your version is that and see if it helps. You can find the version at the bottom of the recent projects page.



Thank you for the response.
I’m running 2.0.26 in Chrome (MacOS). I still cannot reproduce the “capital I” problem. (I am not double spacing.)
The word misspelled words/auto-correct was not an issue until a few days ago. This suddenly started happening. Like you, I would prefer NOT to have auto-correct enabled in the browser.
If Chrome is the issue, then that would be unfortunate; this auto-correct problem is a show-stopper for me.

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I think I found the culprit for the auto-correct: Grammarly!
I use the Grammarly Chrome extension, which was updated just two days ago. I clicked on the Grammarly icon in Dabble Writer and turned off auto-correct. That appears to have resolve the correct issue. phew


Hehe, I didn’t think about Grammarly I do have that installed too.

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I spoke too soon. With Grammarly off, there’s still an issue with autocorrecting. I misspell a word so it gets highlighted as an error (which is expected). I right click to get a spelling suggestion, select it, and it goes wonky. For example, “arrngment” was corrected to: arrangearrangemarrangemententafe

The behavior is different from before, but still seriously flawed even with Grammarly turned off.

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The right-click doesn’t give spelling suggestions. It should just be a hover. Are you using the native right-click menu instead of Dabble’s? Maybe there is an issue with Dabble handling that.

Still happening @Branden_Loizides? Sorry I’m not as responsive in the forums as I should be.

Nope, all set now. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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