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Do you guyz like windows, apple, linux, other:

  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Linux
  • Other

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I’m windows all the way. But I’m only windows because that’s were 90% of the games I play work on. I’m not big on console games. And now that Windows has the ability to enhance my dev work with a Linux subsystem I’m more windows than before. Apple and Linux are far better for what I do for a living, but Windows is getting there. And gaming is still my #2 reason for buying new computers.

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And I’m Mostly Linux for the freedom but keep an M1 Mac Mini around for its raw performance.

While I do play some games on the computer, Linux + Steam/Proton lets me play pretty much any game I want.

And while nobody asked, let me share that a good reason to keep a Macintosh on hand is Descript.

There are no console gaming devices here.


I agree pc gaming is much better and cheeper in most cases than console

Apple all the way. So much easier for organizing, working, etc. I play games on my iPad. My MacBook Pro is my workhorse.

I just switched from a Windows 10 laptop to an iPad Pro in December. It was my choice for a laptop replacement because it had the best hardware and form factor for my needs. The gaps in my research are the places I find frustrating.
I had to turn on an accessibility feature to link a bluetooth mouse (which caused other issues until I turned it off). I’m going to have to replace our HP laser jet (Old Faithful) because they aren’t compatible.
That said, sketching on my iPad is amazing and everything I wanted in a touchscreen machine.

My solution to keeping older printers working with iOS devices was to install Printopia on my early-2008 Mac Pro. It shares all printers the Mac Pro can speak at over AirPrint. So iOS devices can now see the printers.

For example I have an old HP LaserJet 2100TN which has only an Ethernet connection. The Mac Pro also does Ethernet and my router has Wi-Fi connectivity so all these devices are on the same IP network. The Mac Pro shares the LaserJet via Printopia transparently. Of course the Mac Pro has to be running all the time.

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I use a Windows laptop (when my wife isn’t using it) and a Chromebook. The Chromebook is great for the writing part and anything in a browser. The laptop is for InDesign to format my books.

Oh I hate chromebooks

My sense is that Chromebooks are 100% tied into the Google ecosystem so there’s the walled garden problem. But what else about the Chromebook makes you hate it. Performance? Lack of choice?

I don’t like the extremely simple operating system. There is very little you can customize in the decoration. It has very horrible performance even for the extremely simple tasks that I use if for, with is mostly web browsing (something that you’d think a computer made by google would excel at). Its almost impossible to make hardware edits because everything is build straight into the motherboard, just like what apple does.

I haven’t had to use a chrome book in about a year since I moved schools and those are some of the reasons that I can remember. But I very much dislike chrome book.

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Chromebooks (or Apple or Windows or …) aren’t for everyone, that’s for sure. A lot of the early chromebooks suffered from performance problems (especially ones purchased in bulk for schools). My first one had that problem. I agree with the lack of customization comment, although I can live with what it does support.

I bought into the Google environment (like Apple folks buy into Apple’s garden) and it works for me. My new chromebook (now almost two years old) runs Dabble and all my websites just fine. I am playing with CodeWeavers so I can run some simple Windows apps on it.

I also have a regular laptop and the OS upgrades, security, etc. are much more work. I like that fact that I can wipe the chromebook clean or break/replace it and be up and running exactly the same in short order.

The Chromebook serves an important niche for me and I’m glad there is competition to the Windows/Apple worlds.

The ability to customize the look and feel of my Personal Computer is very important to me. So I understand the frustration of a static desktop environment.

No doubt Chromebooks perform poorly because they are bottom-of-the-barrel, low-cost entry-level machines. IMHO Google created it to help it compete in the Apple and Microsoft spaces for advertising purposes.

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