Word Count Misbehaving

Word count is misbehaving. If I cut and paste words between scenes Dabble is crediting me with more new words than I’ve actually created. I monitor my word count closely and I have targets, and this bug means I don’t know exactly how I’m doing.

Example: Today, I know I created about 700 words. Then I cut and paste some stuff from one scene to another. Then I merged two scenes. Now Dabble thinks I’ve “written” 1,900 words today. It even gave me a cheery message saying I’d met my daily target. I hadn’t.

I don’t want to have to keep manual counts.

I’m not seeing the behavior you are describing with a clean project. If you could contact support we can take a look at your project specifically and try to see what’s going on there for you.

Added note, the today’s count at the bottom of all documents is correct, as is the graph. It is only a display issue with the words written today in a goal.

I’ve been having word count problems the past week. My NaNoWriMo sync seems to be accurate but the Tally Across all Projects jumped by 10,000 words in one day. I thought it was because I had created another part in my novel and then deleted it. I assumed the words I had moved into the part and back were double-counted when I moved them back. But then the daily word count stayed high every day since then. Today I had 2000 words at the start of my writing before typing anything.

Word Count for today on goals is not always working as intended. I know where it’s breaking, but I haven’t found why it’s breaking. It’s an edge case I can’t replicate reliably yet. We are working on it. But the bar graph is correct, as are the counts on the status bar.

My word count is not changing on the NaNo site anymore either …
I’ve written another 500+ words since the last time it updated …
I’m assuming it will eventually correct itself ?!?

You may need to resync and reconnect to NaNo. I also had that happen to me yesterday. I logged no words despite having written.

I see that the word count for “all projects” is fixed. Thank you!!! You guys are awesome!

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Yep, that went out this morning I think.

Hi, I’m now seeing this same problem. Dabble has essentially used yesterday’s word count for both yesterday and today. I’ve tried logging out and back in, clearing the goal, changing the goal, changing the target date. Nothing is working.

It appears to happen when you are using multiple devices. Two reports have indicated if you logout after use on the devices you don’t see the issue. We are exploring options to fix this issue.

Yep this happens to me too, and I do switch between devices (which is why I use dabblewriter, because I need to write in different places).

It is happening to me, as well. If I sign out on all my devices, I can’t take advantage of the offline mode; it says that I’m not connected to the server.

The solution for me, until it’s fixed, is to use a different application on my iPhone, (that doessynchronize with my devices,) and then cut and paste into Dabble from my MacBook. It’s a little clunky, but better than using a typewriter and paper!

It’s the display of the word count that is messed up. The today at the bottom of the page is correct. Today written count is a calculation and means of getting the start of the day numbers. At present if you are using multiple devices and you sync those words in, it’s counting them as being written.

You can sign in on all your devices at the same time. So they sync up. It’s just the times you go from one device at the end of the day, to a new device at the beginning of the next day that there is a problem. Word counts between devices were remaining the same during the day to my knowledge.

If you start your day on the same device as the night before it seems to work fine. I think if you close out the one you work on last then you shouldn’t have a problem. But I have not verified that. I only know what people have reported.

We are working towards a better mechanism for this. We know it’s annoying and we sincerely apologize for the issue.

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Thank you for that explanation; it’s made it easier for me to adapt my work flow. I appreciate very much the work that you guys do.