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Word Sprint tool pre-release

Hello my friends!

I’ve finished a basic word sprint tool and launched it at It does not tie into Dabble. It is meant to be a separate free service for the community and as such does not require a username/password to use. Only a name is required for creating/joining group sprints.

I would love to get your feedback, and I ask if you find any issues to please let me know.


I tried it on a five minute sprint (I discovered your post after my morning writing session). A nice clean interface. Very Dabble like. I wrote, then hit the Copy Text link and pasted it into my Dabble project. Everything worked as expected. It was almost boring in its slickness. Smile. I’m editing the book right now, but will use this for sections I need to add.

A small thing? Maybe make the clock smaller or fade like Dabble’s focus thing until a minute left? Or maybe pop in briefly at 10, 5, 2 minutes left? This would probably be useful only for longer sprints.

Nice work, thanks!


Thank you for the feedback @John_Bredesen!

What makes Word Sprints valuable is the group sprints. Everyone can join in together and watch the group’s word count go up as they write. The only feature I didn’t add that I wanted to was a leaderboard to show who had the highest counts, but with the chat there isn’t room for it (without getting too cluttered).

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I really love it! I’ve spent my Saturday playing with it, with different length sprints and a group sprint (where I was by myself, but I did check out the interface!)
Absolutely no issues from me. The tool also helped boost my WC to 6 times my goal today :grin:

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I haven’t tried it yet, Jacob, but making it free with NO account is so typical of you. I am so weary of everyone trying to make money off me and my data. And here you are, offering something hassle free (and free free).

I can see this being of use for free writing and also as a tool in the annual poetry marathon run by Authors Publish. I’m not sure if it will increase my word count as I tend to become totally absorbed once I get started writing. It’s the getting started that I have trouble with but… “I’ll just set this Word Sprint clock for five/ten/fifteen minutes” could definitely do the trick.

Anyway, just thank you for this.

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You are very welcome @S11.

You really are the bee’s knees, Jacob.

I think I’ve figured out how to use the plot grid. Someone on the forum posted his and it was like a light bulb went on in my head. I may not be doing it according to Hoyle but it’s not confusing and definitely works for me.

Keep up the good work.

PS: I hope things are well in Colorado. I’m writing again, as of this week. Logging back into Dabble was like hanging out with an old friend.

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Hi there,

I very much liked it. It was pretty and reminded me of the Guggenheim for some reason. I guess it’s clean lines and prettiness. I loved the T in the top for copying - that was nice and I used it. I did a stream of consciousness in it so there were many spelling errors- which it picked up- but when I right-clicked to correct them it put the correction somewhere else in the text. This was most amusing but something I guess you don’t want. Dabble used to do this from time to time ages and ages ago but doesn’t anymore so maybe an old and fixed bug snuffled its way into this code somehow? Very cool tool overall as it is very simple to use and also visually appealing

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As someone who wrote code in the past, this is an awesome line. Hope you get to put it in a story someday.


Oh shucks! Thanks–I hope so too.

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