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Writer's Block


Anyone have any tips on getting over writer’s block? I feel like I have absolutely NO concrete ideas, maybe some scene ideas here and there, but other than that, nothing, and even when I sit down to write those individual scenes, absolutely nothing happens and I can’t put words to it.


When you can’t find the words for your scene, write something far removed from what you’re working on. Writing prompts are a great way of getting creative juices flowing. I took part in one and the scene I wrote somehow made its way into my current book.


I agree with @Deborah_Armstrong in using writing prompts. Or, send your characters to go do something silly. Even it ends up being scenes that will never end up in the real story (although several times I’ve done this and it turned into an awesome plot twist) …just get them up and moving around so words flow out of you. My last thought is are you getting any creative input? Ever read the Artist’s Way and the idea that to create output you need to make sure you feed yourself inputs? I will take myself to an art museum, movie, nature, etc. to give my mind some time to play and take in the art around me to help create my own. Whatever you do, DON’T stress about it. Good luck!


Do a random prompt. Go the nearest book open to page 138 and pick the first noun in the first sentence and write about that. doing something totally different helps loosen up the juices and takes some of the pressure off.