Writing Fonts

Can I change the font I’m writing in?
The one I’m using isn’t the one I prefer, and especially for printing out to read through, its too big and plain.

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We don’t support changing fonts yet, though it is something being considered. For printing, you can export to Word and format things as needed there.

Just signed up for the trial. Lack of font options is going to be a substantial barrier to me subscribing, however. Maybe I’ll check back once that is added–it just didn’t occur to me the software might be limited to one font.

Is there any way to cancel my trial for now and re-enable it when fonts are added? I’m not likely to use it for now and my trial will expire.

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There is not, but you can reach back out later and ask for a new trial. I’d be happy to help you out.

Dabble is focused on helping you write your novel rather than publishing. This is why fonts weren’t included in the original release. However, since then I’ve learned that some fonts do help people write, especially the Comic Sans font which helps individuals with dyslexia. Other fonts may help you get into the mood for your genre.

I would love to know your specific need for font options to ensure we cover your use-case. You said it will “be a substantial barrier” to you. How so?


This is an interesting question. There’s a free Open Dyslexic font among others available out there. Do any other writers target this market segment? I’d love to read about this special market.

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