Writing Goals for 2020

Hi Dabblers,

Happy last Sunday of the decade! I try to settle in to the app on most weekday and weekend mornings (hello, early risers!) to get a few paragraphs or pages out. I’m starting a new job next year and a lot of things (including my writing hours) will change for me – so it seems like a good time to set goals for the next year and next decade. Here are mine:

  • Finish querying novel 1
  • Finish editing and writing novel 2
  • Rough draft for the book that is supposed to come between novel 1 and novel 2
  • Submit a couple of short stories to various anthologies and short story contests

What are yours?

I hope this year brings you success, peace, and happiness – whether you end up writing a lot or not (but I bet that you will). Thanks for being one of the most congenial communities on the web.


Happy New Year!

My goals for 2020 will be simple:

  1. Craft my four NaNoWriMo drafts into a proper series
  2. Get the first draft ready for publication
  3. Have the remaining drafts ready for 2021

Happy New Year!!!

2020 Goals:

  1. Finish mobile support
  2. Create tutorial videos and in-product helps
  3. Add Versioning, Co-authoring, and Images features
  4. Create tiered pricing based off of customer feedback
  5. Start writing in Dabble and participate in NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNo this year

My goals:

  1. write a 3K short story every week (already picked out the weekly prompts)
  2. finish editing book 1 of my series to get ready to publish
  3. build my author platform (newsletter and/or patreon but this is a soft goal)

That’s just my writing goals :slight_smile: There are other goals.


3K every week?! That’s ambitious – good goal-setting!

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Knowing that this isn’t the official feature request thingum, I’d love to be able to put Dabble on “pause” for a month if I know I’m going to be traveling or otherwise occupied and unable to write in the app.

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If I buckle down in the mornings I can write a good 1 to 2K in the 1.5 hours I have available for writing, 3K is a small amount for my typical week. This is two encourage brevity, show v tell and good story telling while I’m editing so I don’t go crazy. I must write, I just hope I stick to the short story a week lol.


Good luck on your plans!
My plans are to finish the novel I started a few months ago, edit it, and send it off to my publisher, finish and edit two others I have plotted out and started. Start and finish two others before the next NaNoWriMo, and then write that one.
I always try to put out six new novels a year. My average for the past 6 years is 4.5. Stuff happens to set you back, so I’m happy with 4.5. I have a publisher now who is handling the cover art and even putting everything out as audiobooks and large print editions. They are doing a lot to market and I’m thrilled.
Good luck in 2020 everyone and I hope you hit all your goals for the new year.


I have simple, but lofty, goals for 2020.

  1. Plant my butt in a seat and actually get words. EVERY DAY.
  2. Finish the drawings for my children’s book(s)
  3. Finish designing the identity package (logo, website, business cards, swag etc) for my imprint.
  4. Get the first few books in each of my four series completed.

Wow, some lofty goals here! but mine are no less so.

  1. Publish something! (That’s not as loose as it seems. I have one book that’s a month away from going to betas, so that’s the one I would try to publish)
  2. Hit 100K during NaNo
  3. Finish three drafts (not including the book from point 1)

That’s actually all of them! I have smaller monthly goals for word counts etc.


My 2020 Goals!!

  1. Write 1 story per month for my fantasy comic series
  2. Write 1 story every 3 months for my children’s picture book series
  3. Write 1 graphic novel about roller derby by the end of the year
  4. Start 1 kickstarter for any project

I try to publish 6 novels a year. I just sent off my Nano project to my publisher. It will be my first publication of the year. I have several projects started in Dabble and will get back to some of those. I have some book signings scheduled as well.


Well…How did everyone’s goals go? 2020 certainly turned out differently than I thought it would when I posted this original message!


I decided NOT to query my novel and went the self-publishing route instead. I submitted a short story around a few places but no takers so far. I’m still editing book #2 and still have yet to finish book #3. It feels like I stayed on track overall and I’m excited to dig in to more writing and editing next week.

I hope you all stayed safe and healthy and have a great new year!


As I reply a year later you will have pushed out five novels in the meantime. About two months between novels. That is serious dedication!

Happy New Year!


I failed miserably. I did do any of those things.

I did edit the first round of my first book. But I gave up on the3K short stories quickly. And I didn’t do anything with my platform except try to blog every day… which didn’t work either.

Oddly enough the last two are part of this years goals. lol

  • finish book
  • get signed traditionally
  • gain an audience
  • work my way up being successful

Editing: It’s still a lot of work! I wish I had gotten more editing done. Here’s to a better 2021!


For all of its power, ProWritingAid still makes a lot of dumb suggestions. In my humble opinion we need 2021 to be the year that AI products can be depended on to do our editing for us. Is that asking so much?


yes please


I also wish that AI would figure out my voice and would stop trying to change it too