Zoom Feature?

I know how to enter full screen and focus mode, but is there a way to have the screen…in my face? LOL! I want to zoom closer to what I’m writing. I guess I could just make the font bigger, but in Word you can zoom in so I was wondering if that is a feature in Dabble? Does anyone know?

Interesting question …
I can’t get Dabble on my PC to zoom in …
However, if you’re in a browser - you can zoom in as much as you like, using the browser’s own + / - zoom functions …

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Same process for zoom in Windows as in the browser: just hit +/- to zoom in/out. You can’t do “CTRL-0” to reset like you can with a browser, but you can definitely zoom.


And misspoke…you can “CTRL-0” to reset. This will teach me to hit send too early.

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